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Career Wit workshops and programs are mini training sessions that help drive results. Use them to build your new or different career, locate work, support your staff, clients, or members.


The workshop options include consultant-led (in-person or webinar), or self-study online demand workshops that anyone who has a desire to reach dreams or simply improve could use. Access workshops and videos from anywhere using a computer, phone, and user codes.


Our powerful workshops typically take about an hour to complete to allow you to quickly apply information learned to the workplace or your job search. Receive one e-workbook with the single workshop purchase for a limited time.


Our expert consultants use a combination of our workbooks, plus unique, creative training supplies to help you reach your goals, without a one-size-fits-all approach. We work to accommodate your scheduling according to your availability. Check your schedule. Contact us for pricing and to make a reservation. Ask about special group rates.

Career Management & Professional Development

Job Search Workshops

Get Hired. Start Now.

Item# GHSN978

Seminar discusses hot topics surrounding job search methods. Includes discussion of resume writing, top interview questions, and sources for effectively locating employment in today's economy. Gain tips on surviving change. (90 mins)

The Pro in You

Item# GHXC140

This workshop uncovers professionalism at work linking to success. Understand key critical concepts: workplace etiquette, dress for success, and progressive planning. Includes a checklist for professional progress. (90 mins)

Tick Tock

Item# GKBO991

Seminar introduces the concept of time management associated with goal setting to increase time management skills. Ideal seminar for new graduates entering the workplace and new students who want university success. (60 mins)

The Job Search Process Untold

Item# JSPU13

This workshop tells effective ways of job searching. Learn how to create your career path, take a personal assessment, and develop your job search strategic plan. View employment outlook and hot jobs. (60 mins)

Let's Talk

Item# LETST23-JS

For anyone who has struggled with connecting with others or finding the right words, this workshop offers guidance. Learn to navigate conversation before and after locating the job. Discover taboo topics and best practices when approaching career events and the workplace. (60 mins)

Resumes that Work

Item# teleresume12

This workshop discusses the value of good communication skills. Explains how to properly develop a resume and cover letter. It also provides tips for avoiding common mistakes and what hiring companies want. (60 mins)

Interview Secrets for the Introvert

Item# ISI478

This workshop explains the importance of image and selling yourself. Discover the sales and interview process, along with the types of most common interviews. Gain research and negotiation skills for job offers. (60 mins)

Job Search Safety

Item# JSS22774

This workshop shares common examples of job search scams. Learn tips for protecting yourself and reporting fraud. (60 mins)

Preparing for College and Financing It

Item# GKRP265

Seminar that explores how college will support your goals. Discuss ways to finance your education and locate suitable jobs. Includes information on completing applications for employment, scholarships, and tips for stress-free living while in college. (60 mins)

Get Social

Item# GETS92

This consultant-led workshop is designed to help boost morale and job search confidence. Discuss networking, some of the internet tools used to support a job search strategy, and uncover HR social media matters. Attendees for this workshop may include, job seekers, career consultants, and career program managers. Length varies based on customization and method of delivery.

Career Camps

Career Pro

Item#: CP09866

This consultant-led career boot camp covers hot topics concerning career planning and management. Get your career in motion during job transitioning or job loss. Includes instructional hours, 3 consultant-led workshops, Resumes that Work, Interviewing for the Introvert, and The Job Search Process Untold. The boot camp also provides 2 e-workbooks, the Career Wit Guide to Managing Your Job Search and the Career Wit Time Management Journal for Job Seekers along with e-book, Workplace Recipes: Coping with Unemployment and the Job You Hate. Excellent for employee severance plans. (180 mins)

Career Wit Kit

Item# CWKIT67

Career Wit Kit™, our ondemand, online self-paced camp, offers a roadmap to success through exploring the fundamentals of the job search process and career management. Includes access to The Job Search Safety™ workshop, the Career Wit Preparing for College and Financing It™ ebook, our college preparatory packet, and the online workbook, Guide to Managing Your Job Search is an added perk. Access document content building tools for resume, interest, cover, and thank you letters, and additional career resources. Great option for displaced employees, and transitioning job seekers. No minimum headcount. (self-paced)

Workplace Workshops & Programs

Dressing for the Boardroom

Item# Dress1A

Discover how to dress for success in the workplace and business meetings. Identify your body type, quick fixes, and tips for domestic and international professional etiquette. (60 mins)

Timely Intervention

Item# Time29b

Discuss challenges of poor time management. Learn the value of managing time in the workplace. Receive stress reducing tools for balancing professional and personal life. (60 mins)

Sell, Sale, Sail

Item# Sell332

This workshop exposes topics affecting the new subject matter or sales expert. Define selling, selling types, and the process. Discover top selling concerns and solutions. Talk client and salesforce management. (60 mins)

Driving Next Level Customer Service

Item# Custsvc218

Every company services customers. Define quality customer service, the types of customers, and consumer behavior. Uncover guidelines for client management systems. Identify best practices for wowing customers and find current client or project management tools. (90 mins)

Teams on Top

Item# Teams107

Understand how to convert chaos into productivity. Gain the steps for team formation. Recognize ways and reasons for challenges within teams to create a process for improved work groups. (90 mins)

The Flight

Item# GKF2755

Soar at work by understanding the value of human relations and professional relationship building. (90 mins)


Item# Goal284

Reveals guidelines for goal setting and its correlation to job performance. In this workshop, you or your staff will understand common qualities of good leaders, the different types of leadership, and problem solving. (75 mins)

Professional Development Foundations Program

Item#: PDFP78

This comprehensive 4-part program is designed to offer training in 4 essential areas for staff in every business; customer service, teamwork, time management, and overall professional etiquette. Consultant-led or self-paced training options. Includes a packet. (6 hours).

Leading with a Purpose Leadership Program

Item#: LEADG51

This powerful program reveals guidelines for goal setting and its correlation to job performance. Understand common qualities of good leaders and the different types of leadership. Talk business ethics and problem solving facing managers in the workplace. Includes a leadership packet. Consultant-led or self-paced training options. (2.5 hours).

Career Centers & Non-Profits Workshops

Working with the Job Seeker

Item# CO934

A workshop for new or existing career consultants, instructors, and advisors. Provides fundamental, crucial steps for effective consultations, including determining needs, trends, and job search strategies for working with job seekers in different career levels and challenges. Get access to tools for getting more done in less time, alone or within teams. Length varies per customization and method of delivery.