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We are looking for independent career consultants to join our network. Our consultants mentor, lead, and cheer clients to win the game. If you are enthusiastic, compassionate, and have an entrepreneurial desire, plus the ability to motivate others to reach new heights, consider becoming an approved and authorized member with Career Wit.

What You'll Do

Our Career Consultant Network

As a part of our network, you'll make a difference by influencing career paths by providing insight using excellent problem solving and people skills. Use our tools to build your business and your professional image.

Program Perks

Get added to our directory, discounts on products, access to consulting resources, undergo training to add to your career credentials, create earning potential, and your schedule for your own business.

Who should join?

Existing and aspiring consultants, career center staff or student workers, business owners, and human resource professionals should consider joining our group.

Getting Started


Step #1

We'd like to know a little about you. You'll need a bio or resume. Create one. We'll ask for it. Don't have one? No worries, we can help you.


Step #2

Ask questions or attend a brief information session if you'd like to learn more about us, perks, and our program. There are convenient options so no need to travel.


Step #3

Complete our network membership order form and access training and resources immediately.You'll receive your online starter plan.

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Spotlight on Careers


What is a counselor?

Counselors have either a doctoral or a master's degree and are licensed in most states to function to help with mental and emotional issues. If they work in other settings, such as in schools, they may have experience other than counselling. Some may have backgrounds in teaching, degreed in education and certified in teaching.

Life Coach

What is a life coach?

Life coaches currently do not have professional guidelines, but expect changes in the criteria. Some may typically operate based on personal interests and mental health educational training. Level of education may vary.

Career Consultant

What is a career consultant?

Career consultants help career changers, the unemployed, and the displaced. They determine a good match for employment opportunities or guide with some or all areas of the job search process. Level of education may vary.