Career Center

Running a busy career center with limited staff can be tough during any season, especially peak times. Career Wit can be your temporary, outsource solution for short term help when you need it most.

Supporting Students & Staff

We understand the qualities employers want most and we know how important preparing students for the workplace is to you. Our consultants strive to meet your every demand with products ranging from special events, virtual mock interviews, client support and train-the-trainer solutions online or onsite with over 7 workshops available to your students or staff.

Preparing for Student Meetings

An online self-service center and task organizers are also available for your use to make more improved, quicker student-advisor meetings and encourage a less intimidating job search process for students in one place. Let's partner to help your team make the best impression and impact. There is no boundary to the way we can add value.

Workshops for Career Center Support

Working with the Job Seeker

Item#: CO934

A workshop for existing career consultants and advisors. Provides fundamental, crucial steps for effective consultations, including determining needs, trends, and job search strategies for working with job seekers in different career levels and challenges. Get access to tools for getting more done in less time, alone or within teams. Length varies per customization and method of delivery.

Get Social

Item#: GETS92

This consultant-led workshop is designed to help boost morale and job search confidence. Discuss networking, some of the internet tools used to support a job search strategy, and uncover HR social media matters. Attendees for this workshop may include, job seekers, career consultants, and career program managers. Length varies based on customization and method of delivery.

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