Terms of Service

Career Wit offers a wide range of career management products and services for job seekers, consultants, and businesses through a network of independent consultants. User (client) may access tools and guidance through various mediums, phone, face-to-face, and web-based to support our dedication to great service.

Privacy Policy

We enforce and value confidentiality of our clients' information. Your information will not be shared or sold for profit. Exceptions are made with your agreed upon consent.


Career Wit, Independent Consultants, its affiliates cannot guarantee permanent job placement for our job seeking clients. We provide a strategic approach with our business or job seeking clientele and offer solutions based on service (s) rendered. We may encourage job seeking clients to use various mediums for job searching. When conducting a job search, proceed with caution to prevent fraud, misrepresentation, and identity theft. Career Wit is not responsible for misinformation, otherwise violations. Career Wit is not legally responsible for discriminatory practices offered by any third party, consultant, or job seeker. We operate by use of fair practices.

Payment Options

We take pride in offering flexible payment options. Most forms of payment are accepted, including major credit cards for Career Wit product purchases. Prepayment is expected prior to service or product delivery. We offer payment plans for those who qualify. Payments can be made securely through PayPal. Additional information regarding PayPal can be found on the official website, www.paypal.com. No refunds will be processed. One year limited warranty is provided on the J.Mouton Collection of leather goods ( our existing Community Outreach Project).

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seekers

How long will it take to get my product or service after placing an order?

The delivery time frame of your order may vary based on the type of product or service ordered. Each client is notified after we receive a request for an order. A receipt is provided immediately through the PayPal payment system. A consultant will respond via phone and/or email. The consultant will confirm the order and/or make additional suggestions for other products or services that may be useful to further help support your needs. You will receive notification when your product(s) order is shipped or confirmation of scheduled appointment of service(s).

Is there a customer service department?

Yes. The customer service department can be reached toll free at 1-866-506-2993 extension #1. Our consultants are also points of contact if you have questions. We want to make sure you are happy with your product or service.


How can I gain membership into the consultant network?

Membership is not guaranteed, but voluntary to apply and cancel at anytime. We require a screening process that includes a proven track record and special training with approval ratings in order to join our club. Ratings rank from 1-4, with top ratings being reserved for membership to uphold the integrity and quality of our program. Membership is annual and has a re-enrollment process. Get started by attending an information session and by completing the Consultant Profile Form.

Who should request membership?

Existing career consultants, life coaches, counselors, advisors, human resources professionals, career development instructors or professors, and those aspiring to enter a career or start a business that supports career management should learn about our Career Wit Consultant Network.

What does the Career Wit Consultant Network membership include?

The Career Wit Consultant Network involves being added to our directory of consultants for potential client reach, a seal of approval ID# and card, earn extra cash based on tracked career product sales, and get discount offers, news or trend alerts to help support your growing business.


How can you help a growing company?

Career Wit offers training, a variety of workshops to help growing businesses increase performance of staff in areas of leadership, account management, customer service, workplace etiquette, teamwork, and hot topics that without focus, can ruin any business. Workshops can be customized and provided in different methods, onsite or online. No company is too small. We believe every company should have resources to support it's clients or staff.

How can you help a company during layoffs?

Layoffs are uncomfortable for any party involved. We help to ease the process with employer guidance and outplacement services by giving a boost to severance plans with our career tools for former staff or transitioning job seekers through books, consulting, workbooks, workshops, career camps, or our online self-service center. There is no minimum and products can fit into companies' right-sized budgets.

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